Up Time Led Bulbs 38W (360W) Daylight 1pk E27

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Introducing LED HIGH POWER BULB 38W (360W) E27 DAYLIGHT: the LED bulb that makes up time. Our LED bulbs offer superior light quality with a fraction of the energy consumption compared to traditional halogen or incandescent lighting sources, meaning you save money while still enjoying the same level of brightness! With an LED HIGH POWER BULB, LED lighting is more efficient, reliable and durable than ever before. LED bulbs are also incredibly long-lasting with up to 50,000 hours of continuous use – that’s up to 20 years depending on how many hours a day you leave it on! LED HIGH POWER BULB 38W (360W) E27 DAYLIGHT allows you to enjoy the same quality lighting for years with no need for constant replacement. LED bulbs also offer a better and more even light spread than traditional lighting sources, making them ideal for any home or office space. With LED HIGH POWER BULB 38W (360W) E27 DAYLIGHT you can make up time and save money, all while enjoying superior LED lighting. Get LED HIGH POWER BULB 38W (360W) E27 DAYLIGHT today, and start making up time!

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