RhinoRack Velvet Non-Slip Clothes Hangers 5pk

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RhinoRack velvet clothing hangers are a must-have for organizing your wardrobe with ease. Here are the key features that make them stand out:

• 360-degree rotating hooks - Designed with a chrome 360-degree anti-rust swivel hook, easy and flexible to access and convenient to steam your garment

• Non Slip - These hangers are perfect for keeping your clothes looking great. The velvet coating on these hangers provides non-slip protection for garments. These hangers are elegant and functional. The velvet coating helps keep clothes from slipping off, and the hooks are designed to hang from racks easily.

• Slop-free Design - The specially developed shoulder line is added to promise worry-free preservation of the clothing's shape. There are grooves on each shoulder that can be used to hang clothes with thin shoulder straps, great without slipping off tightly for your tank tops, dresses, bras, ties, belts, nightgowns, shawls, and skirts.

With these features, RhinoRack velvet clothing hangers are perfect for keeping your clothes organized and in great condition.

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