R5 COMPLETE Replacement Filter by Instapure

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Lead reduction for up to 200 Gallons from the Inventors of Tap Water Filtration!

Genuine replacement filter for all COMPLETE (F5) Systems Instapure’s Industry Best design utilizes a proprietary formula of the highest quality coconut carbon compressed into a .5 Micron block providing over 99% Lead reduction for pennies per gallon.

The Genuine Replacement filter is compatible with:

Instapure, Instapure COMPETE, InstaPure, Faucet (Tap) Filtration Systems. COMPLETE (F5), F5, F5W, F5-C, F2-C, F3, F6, F7 & F10J and sold as replacement filter models COMPETE (R5), R5, F5R-1ES (1 pack), F5R-2ES (2 pack), R5-1E Waterpik, WaterPik, Teladyne Waterpik & Teledyne Faucet Filtration Systems models: F2, F2-C, F3, F5, F5-C, F6, F7 & F10J and sold as replacement filter models R5

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