Instapure R8 ULTRA (R8, F8WR-1ES, TAP-ULT-REPL-W-1) Replacement Filter

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Upgrade to ULTRA, the most advance Faucet Filtration System from the Inventors of Tap Water Filtration!

Genuine Quick-Change filter replacement cartridge for Instapure ULTRA F8 Systems. Instapure’s multi Patented Intelligent design reduces LEAD, VOC’s Chlorine Taste and Odor with features not found in any other Tap Water Replacement Filter. Gentle Touch Filter selector with Auto Shut Off, Exclusive High Flow Filter outlet, Built-in Power Rinse, ¼ turn Quick-Change Filter, Horizontal Low Clearance Design, Removable and Upgradable Low Flow Aerator for increased water savings.

The Genuine Replacement filters are compatible with:

Instapure, Instapure ULTRA, InstaPure, Faucet (Tap) Filtration Systems. ULTRA (F8), F8, F8W, F8C, F8-C, F8C-1HK and sold as replacement filter models ULTRA (R8), R8, F8RW-1ES (1 pack), F8RW-1ES (1 pack), F8RC-1HK, F8RW-1HK, F8RC-1E, F8RW-1E Waterpik, WaterPik, Faucet Filtration Systems models: F8, F8-W and sold as replacement filter models R8, R8W

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