Gibson Mr Coffee 30oz French Press

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MR COFFEE 30OZ Coffee Press. This kitchen essential is the perfect addition for any kitchen who appreciates a good cup of French press coffee. We offer four attractive colors - purple, red, green and blue - to match your kitchen decor and enhance your break time ritual. Our 30oz size allows you to serve up to four people, so you can share the joy of a French press coffee with your friends or family. Start your day off right with MR COFFEE 30OZ Coffee Press!

The kitchen is the heart of every home, and it's here where we find comfort and peace. MR COFFEE 30OZ Coffee Press allows you to make a fine cup of French press coffee that will bring satisfaction and delight. The four colors available are designed to match any kitchen decor, so you can truly make this kitchen essential your own. Whether it's for yourself or for entertaining guests, the 30oz size ensures there's plenty of coffee for everyone - serve up to four people with one press.

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