Daewoo AM/FM 4 Band Radio

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Introducing the Daewoo AM/FM Radio 4 Band, a versatile and powerful audio companion designed to elevate your listening experience. This radio is packed with features to ensure you enjoy crystal-clear sound wherever you go.

4 Band Excellence: Explore a wide range of radio stations with the 4-band functionality, offering AM and FM options alongside two additional bands for extended listening pleasure.

360° Antenna: Stay connected with a reliable 360° antenna that ensures optimal signal reception, allowing you to access your favorite stations with clarity and precision.

Earphone Jack: For a personalized and immersive listening experience, the built-in earphone jack allows you to connect your favorite headphones, keeping your entertainment private and uninterrupted.

AC/DC Power Options: Versatility meets convenience with both AC and DC power options. Plug into a standard 110V AC outlet for home use (UM-1X2), or switch to battery power (batteries not included) for on-the-go entertainment. This feature makes the Daewoo Radio an ideal companion for picnics, camping trips, or any adventure.

High Power Output: Experience a rich and dynamic audio output with the high-power capabilities of this radio. Whether you're enjoying music, news, or talk shows, the Daewoo Radio delivers impressive sound quality to enhance your listening pleasure.

Stylish and Portable: With its sleek design and compact size, the Daewoo Radio is both stylish and portable. Take it anywhere you go and enjoy your favorite tunes or stay informed with the latest news – all with the convenience of a compact and easy-to-carry device.

Upgrade your audio experience with the Daewoo AM/FM Radio 4 Band, a reliable and feature-packed radio that combines functionality, style, and high-performance audio in one impressive package.

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