Buying tips: Understanding Sheet Quality.

1. High Thread Count Doesn't Always Mean High Quality.

Thread count is the number of threads (horizontal and vertically) woven into 1 square inch of a fabric. Some experts believe that the maximum amount of thread that can be woven into a square inch is approximately 500 to 600. The thread counts over 600 add the fiber/plies to their thread count, which give the consumers a false assumption of quality. Many factors affect a thread count such as fiber and how the sheet is woven. Therefore relying on thread count to know the quality of a sheet is not enough. Look for a minimum of 180 Thread count. If you are looking for a crisp sheet choose a 180-300 Thread count. For a soft and silky feel choose sheets with thread counts of 350 and above.

2. Understanding Fabrics.

The fabric and weave of your sheets have a significant effect on the comfort and feel. The best sheets are made with longer fibers which give the weave strength, which means less pilling. Look for Egyptian 100% cotton, 100% cotton or a cotton blend, especially when sleeping in tropical locations. These sheets are cooler, softer and more durable than other fabrics. Microfiber materials are soft and inexpensive but made with polyester, which can feel hot and sticky in warmer climates.

3. The Price is Usually Right. 

Price is a typically a good indicator to whether or not the sheet’s quality is up to scratch. A 1000 thread count sheet priced at TT$200 is likely to be made with poor quality fabrics, they won't feel like luxury sheets, and would likely need replacing within a few washes.

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